The Psyop of World Peace (preview)

What I’ve come to understand is that the universe is matryoshka – a Russian doll. And within, are matryoshkas within matryoshkas ad infinitum. Another way to say this is scale invariance, of which all manifestations in this physical realm seem to follow. The psyop, for instance, is a great example of this structure. On one level of the psyop, being skeptical towards, or suspicious of, worldly initiatives that claim to promote “unity” can potentially be an honorable distrust depending on who is pushing them and why. Meanwhile, the next level of the psyop shows us that those who have been pushed to distrust these agendas (for good reason), will inevitably throw the baby out with the bathwater and distrust ANY & ALL mention of unity or oneness. This is always the tactic – create a mockery of something pure, true, and transformative in order to give us a bad taste of it. It is ALWAYS about us and our consent. World peace is obviously achievable, otherwise they wouldn’t be working so hard to make you distrust it.


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