My name is Andrew Rouse. I am a husband and father, a writer, a researcher, and a dreamer. Regardless of the degree, or the depth that I study, the mystery continues to unfold through an increasing scale of complexity. My questions have evolved over the years, and my underlying convictions about this world have gradually begun to converge and assimilate into a focused frame. This dedicated focus has led to the inception of the Deep Share Podcast, which is the flagship vessel of this philosophical quest of mine. There, I interview some of the most intriguing minds that have ever graced this realm. My goal with the podcast is to gather as many perspectives as possible, weed out the inconsistencies, and with the connecting pieces, build the puzzle we’ve all been half-blind to our whole existence. I can’t do this alone – no one could – not by a long shot. My guests are my guides, and YOU are my editors. My objective with the The Deep Share Blog is to create a comprehensive catalog of foundational information to build upon. What you will read here are essays I’ve written under the influence of all that I have learned from the incredible guests I speak with and this amazing community of deep divers and diggers that we are all a part of. I appreciate you, sincerely, and I hope we can finish this puzzle together in love and light… sooner than later!