Ep. 90 – Hell's Half Acre, with Duane Hayes & Meggan Gibson The Deep Share Podcast

Welcome back to the Deep Share! On this episode, previous guest and friend of the show, Duane Hayes – the man behind Bulletproof Publishers – returns, and this time to share something truly inspiring. He joins us with his lovely wife Meggan Gibson to tell us the story and showcase the glory of their beautiful farm, Hell's Half Acre! Duane and Meggan have been farmers now for over 6 years and they plan to feed over 100 local families with their amazing food this season. In his two previous appearances here, Duane has delivered the forensic evidence to prove how manipulated, beaten down, and brainwashed the powers that shouldn't be have programmed many of us to live our lives, and this conversation proves just how capable, motivated, and dedicated we can still be. Places like Hell's Half Acre Farms and people like Duane and Meggan are proof of humanity's unrelenting resolve. Hope you enjoy!Hell's Half Acre Farms: Publishers: for checking out this episode of the Deep Share Podcast! you'd like to support the Deep Share: join me over on this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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