Ep. 84 – Astral Sleep Paralysis, with Vicki Joy Anderson The Deep Share Podcast

On this episode of the Deep Share, author Vicki Joy Anderson and I discuss sleep paralysis and the many perspectives that are born out of these experiences. Vicki's book, They Only Come Out At Night, is a deep dive into the subject, entailing Vicki's own direct observations of this phenomenon. Viki has also had a lifelong relationship with God and shows us how sleep paralysis can also be understood from a biblical perspective, and how these concepts walk a fine line between religion and new age ideas. This was a great conversation and Vicki paints a vivid picture that many of us can relate to. Hope you enjoy!Find Vicki's work here: Thanks for checking out this episode of the Deep Share Podcast! this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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