Ep. 95 – Returning to Bock Saga, with Eric Edney The Deep Share Podcast

Thanks for tuning into another Deep Share! On this episode, I finally get to meet and speak with Eric Edney, filmmaker of the pivotal documentary series about the Bock Saga that has inspired my curiosity, and that of so many others for years now. Eric and I have an open conversation about the saga, the people who inspired him like Jim Chesner, all of his experiences at the Lemminkäinen Temple, theories on where the story goes from here, and so much more. This was an absolute blast and I hope you enjoy it.Bock Saga Films:Eric Edney/Alexander PopovWelcome to Hel to Altlantis to Rajasthan: the Hel is Ior Bock to Lemminkäinen for checking out this episode of the Deep Share Podcast! you'd like to support the Deep Share: join me over on Patreon for some this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:
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