EP. 1 – Scratching the Surface, part 1: “You said the quiet part out loud”, with Eric Stone

On this episode of The Deep Share, I sat down with my good friend Eric Stone. He and I have watched the world with wide eyes for a long time now, so the conversation naturally took on a life of it’s own. From the current state of the world, to mysteries of the ancient world, to the UFO phenomenon and our government’s newfound… weird willingness to share; we covered a lot – and we definitely got into the weeds more than once so this debut will be a 2 parter. Eric is a helluva guy with a wonderful brain; it was a really fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Ep. 2 – Psychonautica in the Age of Alien Intelligence, with Dan Cormier

On this episode of the Deep Share, Dan Cormier joins me to dig into two of my most cherished fringe topics – psychedelics, and ALIENS! Spoiler alert: It’s the same topic.

I’ve been meaning to have a deep chat with Dan for quite a while now, and this conversation did not disappoint. Let me reiterate – this was one of the most thought provoking and meaningful chats I’ve had in years. I already can’t wait to pick his brain again if he’ll let me. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy it!

Ep. 3 – Scratching the Surface part 2: The Neverending Spiral of Mind, with Eric Stone

This is part 2 of an ongoing discussion with Eric Stone. We expand our talk into deeper, far more bizarre territory this time around. I basically took the governor off and let the chips fall where they may, and frankly, I like where it all landed. Hope you enjoy!

Ep. 4 – Into The Rabbit Hole, with Micah Dank

In this episode I get SCHOOLED learning about astrotheology in the Bible with author Micah Dank. If you like what you hear and you want to know more, check out his book seriesInto The Rabbit Hole available now on Amazon. OR you could reach out to Micah directly… say hi, ask him a question, and get the books from the man himself. Follow Micah @realmisterdank on Twitter.

Ep. 5 – Fleeting Moments of Clarity, with Bux Mulder

On this episode I sit down with Bux Mulder, AKA Kevin. This one was a long time coming; I’ve tried to get Bux on for a while now, but he is elusive and does not want to be found. Although I can’t provide any avenues to seek this man out on your own, I truly hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Ep. 7 – From the First Memory, with Ari Asulin

Researcher Ari Asulin joins me on this episode of the Deep Share to discuss an entirely different view of not only our own human history, but also how our story has allegedly been shaped and manipulated by a lie of cosmic proportions. This conversation melted my brain. Hope you enjoy!

Ep. 8 – An Artificial Person in a Locked Down World, with Clint Richardson

On this episode of the Deep Share, I’m joined by researcher, author, and documentary film maker, Clint Richardson. What he has to offer is not his opinion, and it’s not anecdotal; it is a meticulously researched analysis based on primary sources. Clint has been producing and sharing revealing and informative content for over a decade now, and the dedication to seeking the truth is evident in all of his works. I had a great time learning from him and I hope you do too!

Ep. 9 – The Classroom’s the Last Room to get the Truth! with Lindsey Scharmyn

On this episode of the Deep Share, Lindsey Scharmyn joins me to talk about education, indoctrination, and different avenues parents can take if we don’t want to put our children through the same (if not worse) programming that we got when we were kids. Lindsey is also an author of many books, a spiritual mentor; she makes jewelry, teaches tarot. She’s a true educator, a genuine soul, and I had a great time speaking with her. Hope you enjoy!

Ep. 10 – “DISCLOSURE” Roundtable, with Bruce Fenton, Mark Steeves, Charlie Robinson, Dave Zed, and Eric Stone

The narrative being sold by the media and the intelligence community is simply that. What kind of “disclosure” is actually coming? Who are the players? And how can we trust anything we hear from them? With a 70+ year reputation of lies, disinformation, misinformation, psychological warfare, billions of missing dollars and countless lives ruined, you have to wonder why now? What is the goal? What is this “disclosure” a strategy for? Or is it a distraction? I’ve assembled a group of deep thinkers here to talk about all of this and more.

Ep. 11 – Piecing the Past Together, with Freddy Silva

On this episode of the Deep Share Podcast, I talk with Freddy Silva about his journeys all over the Earth in search of the wisdom of the ancients. Freddy is the author of many books, such us The Missing Lands, and The Lost Art of Resurrection. This was a fascinating conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Check out Freddy’s work:

Ep. 12 – Everything is Perspective, with Human Vibration

On this episode, I sit down with Human Vibration, host of Real Eyes Radio, to talk about how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how much of it may be fabricated. We talk about the many layers the conspiracy theory onion has, how to live in the light of your own perspective, the nature of intention and so much more. Thanks for listening!

Ep. 13 – Forbidden Archeology, with Michael Cremo

On this episode of the Deep Share I had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Cremo and talk about his extensive work uncovering our most ancient past. Michael is a research associate in the History of Archeology, a member of the World Archeological Congress as well as the European Association of Archeologists. His book, Forbidden Archeology, details Michael’s findings in our primary archeological literature that suggests modern human beings have been around for MILLIONS of years, as opposed to the fraction our text books give us today. We also discuss his deep studies of the Vedic texts and the parallels these ancient writings have to this concept of extreme human antiquity. Hope you enjoy!

Ep. 14 – The Art of Liberty, with Etienne de la Boetie²

On this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking to Etienne de la Boetie², about his book, Government – The Biggest Scam in History. And listeners, I urge you to watch this one on youtube or odysee as well because Etienne basically gave an abridged slideshow of a good portion of the book. There’s a ton of eye opening information even from the cover itself. We also got into the New Hampshire Free State Project, The Art of Liberty, and the fundamentals of living as free as we can while we’re here and get to call this place home.

Ep. 16 – COSMIC KERFUFFLE, with Dave, Camden, Ron, and Eric

This was a big one!!!

The Deep Share’s 2nd roundtable featuring Dave and Camden of the Generation Zed Podcast, friend of the show Eric Stone, and the host of the Wicked Planet Podcast, Ron from the New England!

Ep. 17 – Tartaria and Beyond, with Andreas Xirtus

On this episode of the Deep Share, I chat with Andreas Xirtus about redacted history, Tartaria, the occult, Bohemian Grove and more! Andreas is a serious researcher and a fascinating person to talk to. Enjoy!

Union of the Unwanted 2nd appearance – Cuba, Conspiracies, and Covid

It’s always an honor and a blast to hang with these LEGENDS! And meet new friends! This community is amazing, I love being a part of it – Hope you enjoy this episode of… UNION OF THE UNWANTED!

Ep. 18 – A Mutual Distrust, with David Weiss

On this episode of the Deep Share, I had a conversation I’ve been wanting to have for a long while with Mr. David Weiss of the Flat Earth Podcast. Now of course there’s an automatic stigma, even among conspiracy theorists, when you mention this subject. For me, Flat Earth has never been an off-limits card in the deck; instead it’s been more of a tool to use for reference. Flat Earth videos have definitely exposed some extremely questionable footage from NASA, regardless of the shape of the Earth. But about that – my internal experiences in the past, along with thousands if not millions of other similar accounts from psychedelic stories throughout time, all suggest that there is indeed a kind of veil pulled over our eyes from birth that goes far beyond the idea of “elite billionaires” pulling societal strings. How much of the external world can we trust with our eyes, when even the cutting-edge science we still respect tells us that the physical world itself is far less physical than we thought? We’re going deep inside the rabbit hole on this one folks. Enjoy!

Ep. 19 – Go Within to Get Out, with Andy Girard

On this episode of the Deep Share, I talk with Andy Girard about how the events of the past year and a half have shaped a new, bold and beautiful path ahead for him, and all of us if we just learn to go within first. I also got to speak with him about the protests going on right now in North Carolina after the jab went mandatory for multiple hospitals across the state. Andy will be attending and recording to get the word out that this is happening now. We are standing up, finally. We need more folks like Andy out there, asking questions and spreading wisdom and kindness. I hope you enjoy this talk as much as I did.

Ep. 20 – False Reality Check Swapcast

On this episode of the Deep Share, more community bonding!!! I chat with Mrs. Rambler and Buffalo Rambler of the False Reality Check podcast! The Ramblers are podcasting their journey as they gear up to make a big move that will change their lives! This was a nice, informal conversation to get a glimpse of one another’s perspectives on all the wild threads that intrigue us. I had a great time talking to these wonderful humans and I hope you enjoy it.

Ep. 21 – An Alternative Theory of Earth’s History, with Ari Asulin

On this episode of the Deep Share, researcher and friend of the show, Ari Asulin returns to update us on his alternative history theory. We covered a ton of ground in this talk such as Electric Universe Theory, Tartaria and mud floods, lost civilizations, redacted history, Revelation of the Method, and so much more. Ari has put together one hell of a theory on so many connected concepts. I hope you enjoy this conversation.